Chronicle : The Death of a Rose Prince

Back to the Wall

When last we left our vampires Lumiere Delevinge had a visit from a black and enforcer who was looking to clarify the situation with the dead prince.

Chewie on the other side of town paid a visit to a friends house with two women in his car. He walked in with his shotgun to discover blood on the floor. Going upstair to investigate he found his friend stabbed to a chair just utter brutalized and a ticking bomb looking to go off.

A new vampire , Arthur the political strategist of Clan Venture, got a call a from a Prince to investigate Lumiere involvement with death of the dead prince of Durham.

A new vampire Goran of Clan Brujah spoke to his contacts about learning the locations of Lumiere and armed himself for the encounter.

Arthur arrive at Lumiere’s place where they discussed the details of the prince death as Chewie and Goran arrive outside. Then a white van showed up with guns blazing and Chewie got into a pitched battle taking cover behind Arthur’s expensive car which got shot to shit. Then two more white van pulled up and more men with automatic weapons showed up. Lumiere cast a blackness so complete and utter to be absolute and it started to collect all around the vampires and mercs. Huge tentacles of shadow started to form and eviscerate men tearing them limb by limb until they were broken like hammered lobsters.

The vampires under utter darkness collected the bodies into the vans cleaned the scene and joined together in Lumiere’s lavish apartment to discuss the events.


Lumiere Lumiere

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