Chronicle : The Death of a Rose Prince

An Unlikely Cabal


12:00am Lumière Delevingne held a blood ritual with his herd on the upper floor of the Classical Department of Duke University in Durham , North Caroline. A hurricane brewed outside the window.

12:01 Lumière heard a huge crash from the basement of the Classical Department. That was the private chambers of the Toreador Prince.

12:02 Mal in his classroom spotted a figure running from the classical department. Grant Shaw in the parking lot saw a figure also run by with a book. The book had an ancient Egyptian Symbol That he identified as the Star of Set .11972988_10103486587497718_1954142890_n.gif

12:02 Lumière found the body of the Prince . A khopesh stuck in his chest . The body was desecrated by DIABLERIE. A computer was damaged and a crate was broken open. Lumiere took a picture of the scene before he cleaned up and called Wookie the Brujah who was at the Silver Lady Strip Club .

12:05 Wookie threatened the manager of the strip club for insisting he close that night.

12:10 Mal and Grant Shaw meet outside and discussed the suspicious man they saw with the book. Grant made the deduction to investigate the Ancient Egyptian classical department.

12:15 Mal and Grant witnessed a herd in robes enter into the basement of the classical department . Grant takes out his gun.

12:16 Mal and Grant met Lumiere with the herd and tells him what they saw. Lumiere dismisses his herd.

12:17 Lumiere showed them the DIABLERIE victim in the sarcophagus . They exchanged shocked faces.

12:18 Wookie arrived at campus. He Slapped Lumiere’s herd member Victoria Lanaster on the ass much to Sabastion Lanasters chagrin .

12:20 Wookie comes in and says Lumiere killed the Prince . Lumiere threatens Wookie with the final death for propagating lies.

12:21 Arguments ensue about what to do with the body. Mal made a discovery with the broken computer. They agree to seek council with their Sires.

3:00am The cleaning crew arrives at the building. The unlikely cabal departs to their own devises .

3:05 Wookie closes the bar and informs his Sire of the events.

4:00am Grant and Lumiere arrived at Mal Nostrumm’s office. There he plays a tape of the murder of the Prince by the assailants . They discussed the book, the Clan of Set, the mythos of the Antediluvians and other possible motives for the murders. Everyone is surprised by the deftness of the killer and how quickly they dispatched the Prince.

4:20 Wookie is informed of a seller with a rare book, Egyptian in nature,for an unspeakable amount of money.

4:25 Wookie dialed up Lumiere and a plan is hatched to buy this book .

4:30 The unlikely cabal retires to their domiciles .

5:00am Grant Shaw arrived at the book shop and went downstairs and discussed the nights events with the regent of Clan Tremre, Theo.


Lumiere Lumiere

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